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Interracial relationships . . .

Why is that phrase used to describe our unions?

Have you tried to find resources for you and/or your loved ones, family or friends, only to come up with very little in your search engine unless you type phrases such as "interracial romance, interracial families, interracial children, interracial ecards, interracial websites, interracial couples, interracial relationships, interracial resources?"

Or when you do find websites, they usually only address one type relationship (ie. black and white), which does not reflect all couples.

Has your experience been like ours where the majority of the time we find lots of negativity and p*rn, but few resources.

It can be frustrating, annoying, and even disheartening at times -- which is why we created this site.

Thank you for visiting®, we appreciate your stopping by. Please note, we use the word interracial as little as possible when describing us. Why? Because there is only one race, the human race. Exclusive:
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Author Mahogany SilverRain:
Interracial or Multicultural Paranormal Romance and Erotica
interracial or multicultural paranormal romance and erotica. . .

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master poet, storyteller, and author
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